“AKS’ hard work and social networking game won him the people’s vote”  – Ragggs.com

“…clever lyricism, a positive attitude and an ability to make what he’s saying relate to your life.” – PinBoardBlog

“AKS keeps growing from strength to strength” – MyBoxFresh

“A well deserved win!” – MadNews

One third of the South East London Hip Hop collective Midas Touch, AKS is a young artist built on introspective reflections, impassioned delivery and memorable lyrics with an earnest and commanding tone. Having garnered the attention of many online with his renditions of recent hits; AKS stopped by the UK’s Cordless Show to let us know just why he’s considered “A Miracle in the Making”.

Three days after his interview and performance went live on the Cordless Show website, the video has managed to rack up more than 2000 views across US and Europe.

Watch him perform a heartfelt live medley of “The Bus Stop/Let’s Fly” (taken from his forthcoming Modes of Transport: The Bus Stop EP) alongside popular track “Superhero” taken from his free promo mixtape A Miracle in the Making

“Performing on The Cordless Show was definitely an experience and just one of those opportunities I couldn’t let pass me by,” AKS comments. “Most of the other artists who’ve been lucky enough to get featured on the show have gone on to bigger and better things, I’m not about to be the exception to that rule! I can definitely see a bus approaching in the distance, I just wonder if it will take me to my destination…”

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About The Cordless Show

The Cordless Show is an award winning Video Music Show especially for Emerging Music Artists and Bands on the verge of taking their career to the next level. Featuring music from all genres with past artists including the likes of The Colours, Bluey Robinson, Master Shortie and Roddy Hart, this really is the music show to be seen on. Funded by the BBC and endorsed by the likes of KISS 100 James Merritt and Roland UK, the Cordless Show has been taking the music industry by storm.

Each month the public are offered the chance to vote for the band or artist that they wish to feature on the show via the People’s Vote.  After winning the People’s Vote over 60 points ahead of the nearest competition, up & coming south London rapper AKS takes his rightful place among the Cordless greats. With a conscious mindset and hearty ambition to ascend in the world of music, the three letter man comes equipped with lyrics to restore your faith in British rap.