Success is planned. Achievements are worked for. Miracles are made.

Growing up I always had the notion that success was something people dreamt of but that nobody ever seemed to really achieve. It felt almost beyond the grasp of an ordinary human being; so much so that it seems ‘a miracle’ to have achieved anything in life. Especially when coming from an impoverished background…”

We present to you: 24-year old Deptford-bred rapper AKS.

One third of the Midas Touch collective alongside self-assured fellow rapper Phoenix and shrewd rapper/singer J. Tha eXodusAKS is a young artist built on introspective reflections memorable lyrics with a earnest and commanding tone.

AKS’ debut promo mixtape A Miracle In The Making is now available for free download. It stars AKS injecting his distinctive and diverse flow into the likes of Lily Allen’s “The Fear,” Brit-soul star Tawiah’s “Every Step,” 88-Keys frisky Viagra anthem “Stay Up” and Glaswegian beat master Hudson Mohawke’s underground anthem-in-waiting, “Overnight.” A Miracle In The Making also features production work from UK talents Nutty PRed Skull, Jesse P. and Chemo.

“A Miracle in the Making” is me dipping my toe in the water knowing full well that be it cold or lukewarm I’m still gonna take a run up and dive in the pool.”

Commenting on the mixtape’s versatile selection of hip hop, soul, pop, grime and bass-heavy beats, AKS says, “In a way I feel as though I blindfolded myself, felt around the scene and my own catalogue a little and picked out a couple oddly shaped objects thinking I could build something useful out of ’em. And I have.”

“During the last couple of years I’ve learnt that success is planned, achievements are worked for and ‘Miracles’ are made. However big or small I become, I’m making my dream a reality in the hope that by seeing me do it other people will do the same for theirs. Nothing More, Nothing Less!

Definitely one to watch in 2010, AKS’ forthcoming single “The Monologue” drops in the first quarter of 2010 followed by a winter release of his album Do Miracles Happen?

A Miracle in the Making (The Verses) – Tracklist & Credits

  1. 01. Intro (Piano accompaniment provided by Pino)
  2. 02. Superhero (Original Track: Hudson Mohawke – “Overnight”; Polyfolk Dance EP)
  3. 03. On the Rock with AKS (Original Track: Mavado – “On the Rock”)
  4. 04. This 80’s Baby (Produced by Nutty P)
  5. 05. The Fear with AKS (Original Track: Lily Allen – “The Fear”; It’s Not Me, It’s You)
  6. 06. Everystep with AKS (Original Track: Tawiah – “Everystep”; In Jodi’s Bedroom)
  7. 07. Hero with AKS (Original Track: Nas ft/ Keri Hilson – “Hero”; Untitled)
  8. 08. London London (Produced by Red Skull)
  9. 09. Terms & Conditions (Produced by Nutty P)
  10. 10. I Just Wanna Be (Snippet) (Produced by Jesse P)
  11. 11. Stay Up with AKS (Original Track: 88-Keys ft/ Kanye West – “Stay Up”; The Death of Adam)
  12. 12. Comfortable with AKS (Original Track: Lil Wayne ft/ Babyface – “Comfortable”; The Carter III)
  13. 13. Penny for my Thoughts (Produced by Chemo)
  14. 14. Black Boys (AKS Verse) (Original Track: Bashy ft/ Loick Essien – “Black Boys”)
  15. 15. Where I Wanna Be (AKS Verse) (Original Track: Self-Taught Beats ft/ Realism, ShortMAN, Terri Walker, Street Journalist – “Where I Wanna Be”)


“A Miracle in the Making” is available for FREE download now from: |