About Us • Who We Are



Less Is More Music (LIMM) Limited  is an independent record company created to give a platform to aspiring artists across various genres to release and promote their music to a high standard and support them with building an audience around their respective brands.

In our aim to become a recognised lifestyle brand, we take a ‘2 pronged’ approach:

Artist Development

We work with each of our artists, helping them to develop both their craft and recognition within the public forum. We understand that every artist is a brand in themselves and we aid each of the artists on our roster in building awareness around their musical campaigns and public image.

All of that is only worthwhile if an artist is enabled to engage with their audience, and to that end we have distribution avenues in place which allow our artists to release their material on all major digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc). Our in house events management team will help plan, coordinate, promote and deliver project specific ‘launch’ events in line with the corresponding musical releases, and in addition we will aid with the process in securing slots on some of the best stages in and around the London circuit.

Events Management

As avid music lovers, we at LIMM have worked on giving up & coming artists a platform worthy of their yet-to-be widely acknowledged talents.

Aside from the launch events mentioned above, we have created a high end showcase named ‘More Music Less Noise’ which takes emerging artists from the boxes to which they are usually confined, and promotes them to a spruced up venue, puts them centre stage and provides them with a fresh audience who are genuinely open to receiving new music.

We aim to grow MMLN into a stage which is essential for aspiring artists to grace on their way to greater success.